Chronology of Elizabeth I of England

 1533 Born in Greenwich Palace, shortly after the marriage of his parents: King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, his second wife.

1536 Enrique VIII orders to execute his mother, Ana Bolena, and declares Isabel a bastard daughter and without inheritance rights.

1543 Shortly before his sixth wedding (to Catherine Parr), Henry VIII revokes his declaration of bastardy.

1547 Death of Henry VIII, succeeded by his son Edward VI.

1549 Emerges unscathed from allegations of conspiracy with Thomas Seymour.

1553 Edward VI dies. Maria I succeeds him, after aborting the attempted usurpation of Juana Gray.

1554 Falsely accused of having supported Juana Gray, she is imprisoned for a few months in the Tower of London.

1558 Maria I. died. Elizabeth is crowned Queen of England.

1559 Promulgates the Act of Supremacy and the Act of Uniformity, edicts that reinforce Protestantism without outlawing Catholics.

1572 Francis Drake attacks Panama and seizes the shipment of Peruvian precious metals destined for Spain.

1583 Relations with Spain seriously deteriorate.

1584 The first English settlers settle in the New World.

1587 After neutralizing several of his attempts to seize the English throne, he orders the execution of María Estuardo.

1588 Philip II's attempted invasion of England ends with the defeat of the Invincible Armada.

1603 Dies at Richmond Palace.


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Biography of Elizabeth I of England