Eye strain is starting to become progressively more prevalent in our day and age. Eye fatigue occurs from intense use of your eyes for example long exposure to personal computer screens. Investigation has demonstrated that between 50% and 90% of people who work on desktops will have some signs and symptoms of eye strain. Signs or symptoms of eye strain is often challenging to live with and might include things like sore, fatigued, itching, watery or dry eyes.

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Eye strain can result in blurred eyesight and perhaps double eyesight in serious cases. Headaches and migraines are typical unwelcome effects of eye strain as well as associated suffering can occasionally even be felt in the neck, shoulders or back. Whilst it may be difficult to stay away from straining your eyes especially if you’re employed on a computer, there are solutions to supply relief and assist stop additional eye strain down the road. Whilst a lot of people have tried specially designed eyeglasses that block the blue light emitted by screens, the study around their efficiency just isn’t conclusive. Ice and heat compresses, together with massage alternatively, are verified to deliver quick and practically instant relief.

If you’re looking for an answer for your personal eye exhaustion and strain you might like to think about a massaging mask.

The Eye Tech Mask from SweetNight is actually a portable eye therapeutic massage gadget formulated specifically to relieve signs of eye pressure and tiredness. It provides a delicate massage that should chill out the muscles around your eyes, enabling tension to get relieved quickly and simply. The built-in heat compress feature will supply a lot more relaxation and improve the circulation within your eye area. One more advantage of the Eye Tech Mask is the choice to utilize the delicate-gel inlay as an ice compress to relieve swelling across the eyes and also decrease the appearance of bags and dark circles.


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drowsy sleep mask dupe

Conventional eye massaging masks were bulky and awkward. The Eye Tech Mask employs an impressive mixture of versatile fabric and foam to regulate to the wearer’s facial contour and match correctly, fully blocking light from all sources. The built-in warm compress could be activated with the touch of a button, whilst the cold compress gel pocket might be equipped in the mask to soothe swollen eyes. They’ll feel just like a godsend on cold winter evenings and very hot summer nights, relaxing fatigued eyes. Given its intelligent style, the Eye Tech Mask can be utilized by men and girls of any age, anytime and everywhere. What’s more, it can make an awesome gift for any occasion, supplying relaxation, rest, and well being at a reasonable rate. It can be simple to use the Eye Tech mask for a quick break and refresher for your eyes, in the course of an afternoon nap, on your subway commute, or for the greatest results, you can even comfortably have on the Eye| Tech mask all night long! Not only will you not be disturbed as a result of its comfortable style and design, but you will probably get yourself a a lot better snooze and wake up feeling- and also looking- much better!

Eye Tech Mask Features

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Eye Massage:

The Eye Tech Mask supplies a comforting massage to pinpointed locations within the eye area. A very small but effective motor offers 7,000 soft vibrations per minute to therapeutic massage away exhaustion and pressure and inspire a state of peace and general well being. Now you are able to enjoy the benefits of massage without the requirement to go to an expert. You can also snooze through the whole procedure!


Warm Compress:

Heat compresses have a lot of demonstrated advantages to the areas around our eyes including muscle mass tissues and in many cases the sinuses. The Eye Tech Mask incorporates a built in heat compress. By simply pressing a button, the warm compress may be switched on and the little, built in heating element will properly warm the area on the mask which surrounds the eyes, to an excellent sixty degrees Celsius. You can also snooze all night time and trust the EyeTech mask to take care of this ideal temperature, with out cooling down or getting uncomfortably hot, until you awake in the morning. The temperature of 60 degrees Celsius has become demonstrated to boost circulation and actually assist to induce sleep.

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Ice/Cold Compress

The main advantages of cold compresses happen to be well observed and studied for years. Regarded to supply relief from dark circles, inflammation, soreness and discomfort, this age-old homeopathic cure-all is even more practical when coupled with therapeutic massage. Imagine relaxing your fatigued eyes with a cold compress whilst gentle therapeutic massage is appliedEye Tech Mask - Give Your Eyes a Break - 15% OFF to produce a blissful, enjoyable experience.


Utilizing the Eye Tech Mask

The Eye Tech Mask is run by a removable battery that can be recharged with the USB cable. It only requires 40 minutes for an entire recharge, which supports 36 minutes of use. It can also be operated for for a longer time periods by keeping it plugged in whilst using it. So, at your home or on the move, for a few minutes of rest or through the night}, the mask can be worn at any time, any where, by anybody. The battery degree indicator light causes it to be very easy to keep track of time left also to prepare a recharge. To further more improve user experience, SweetNight also provides another magnetic USB power cable for connecting the Eye Tech Mask to an adapter (not included) or notebook when the battery is running low and recharging it isn’t an option.


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